Speaker Date Topic
Larry Parsons Aug 13, 2020 12:00 PM
Shelter Box
Shelter Box

The global support from the Rotary International network is the cornerstone upon which ShelterBox is built. In April 2000, the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard in Cornwall, England adopted ShelterBox as its millennium project. Little did they know that it would become the largest Club project in the world, responding to disasters and conflict across the globe and providing emergency shelter to over one million people. Rotary has been instrumental in our growth and is the cement that binds us together. Since ShelterBox was founded, we have grown from one club’s adopted project to Rotary International’s only Project Partner in disaster relief. Their global network has been key in our international growth. At present, all ShelterBox affiliates have been set up by Rotarians or Rotaractors and the growth has been phenomenal.

In 2012, ShelterBox became Rotary International’s first Project Partner and remains the only disaster relief charity.

This agreement enables both organizations to collaborate more closely to bring relief and temporary shelter to survivors of disasters worldwide. The project partnership has built on both organization’s strengths in responding to disasters all over the world. Mutual benefits for both organizations are enormous. We receive incredible support from Rotary and, equally, we are acting as a catalyst in encouraging more people the world over to become involved with their local Club. ShelterBox can provide support as a club’s international project via speakers and supplemental material. Plus, ShelterBox offers multiple youth opportunities for culture exchange and leadership training.

District Governor Bette Hall Aug 20, 2020 12:30 AM
District Governor Visit
District Governor Visit

District Governor Bette Hall will visit the Rotary Club of El Segundo.

LAWA - LAX Aug 27, 2020 12:30 PM
LAWA - LAX Construction Update and Automated People Mover Virtual Presentation

The Automated People Mover (APM) is an electric train system on a 2.25 mile elevated guideway with six stations total – three inside the Central Terminal Area (CTA) and three Outside.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) broke ground on the APM project in March of 2019 and anticipates that the system will be operational in 2023. Pre-construction activities—such as utility relocations, geotechnical investigations and surveying—began in 2018 and construction activities are underway at the future Maintenance and Storage Facility and within the CTA. Construction of the guideway—the elevated track along which the APM will run—will start in Fall 2019. Late 2019 will see construction begin on the six stations and the first APM car will be delivered in late 2020. Major construction will be complete in mid-2022, at which point extensive testing will begin for several months. The APM will be open for passenger service in 2023.

During peak hours (9 a.m. to 11 p.m.), the APM will run nine trains, each with four cars. Capable of carrying up to 50 passengers and their luggage, with a total of 200 passengers per train. Train speed will top out at 47 mph. Trains will be available at each station every two minutes during peak hours with a total of 10 minutes’ travel time end-to-end (from the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility to the West CTA Station). For easy access, the APM trains will have large, wide doors and each car will have 12 seats designated for travelers in need. The APM will be FREE for all users and operate at all times. With an anticipated use of approximately 30 million passengers per year, it is estimated that the APM will result in 117,000 fewer vehicle miles traveled per day.

The APM trains, elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks provide for quick access to the terminals and stations. Passengers will be able to view real-time flight information, public art in a variety of media, and will see the iconic Theme Building from a brand new perspective as the train enters the CTA.

Denese Lopez Sep 03, 2020 12:30 PM
W.E.L.L. Organization - Home makeovers to women and children survivors of abuse
W.E.L.L. Organization - Home makeovers to women and children survivors of abuse

Denese Lopez is the founder and executive director of W.E.L.L. Organization. Denese was raised by a single mother and grew up in Pico Rivera, California. Denese became a mother at 16 years old and struggled and fought to make ends meet and further her education. Denese is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a retired police officer from the state of California.

Denese spent time volunteering in domestic violence shelters and saw first-hand the pain DV victims endured after escaping their abuser. She spoke with these women and heard their pain and anguish wondering how they would start over again after leaving everything behind.


Denese went through a domestic violence education program and learned about the lives of women and children who were forced to start life in a new environment. She knew in her heart she had to do something to honor these families. It became her passion to find a way to restore their dignity, self-worth and security. As a single mother herself for many years, she understood the hardships of making ends meet and living in a home that was put together with bits and pieces donated from other people. She longed to have a home furnished with things her and her children personally chose rather than what was donated to them. Although she appreciated everything she was given, when she finally was able to put her own home together with her personal touch, she knew every woman and child should experience that same feeling of dignity.



Daniel Nahmod Sep 10, 2020 12:30 PM
Singer / Songwriter Daniel Mahmod
Singer / Songwriter Daniel Mahmod

Orange County, California-based Singer/Songwriter, Producer and Humanitarian DANIEL NAHMOD (\pronounced Nay-mod‚) has performed his profound, heart-opening original music for over one million people in 45 U.S. states and Canada since beginning his music career in 1999... selling 110,000 CDs (and 10,000 printed songbooks!) to date and receiving literally thousands of standing ovations along the way. His songs are recorded and performed all over the world on a weekly basis.  Recent media appearances of Daniel's music include Saturday Night Live, The Voice, American Idol, The Super Bowl, and the Today Show.

Daniel's poetic and evocative message of peace, love and compassion across all nations, cultures and faiths has found overwhelming acceptance wherever he has performed. He was a recent keynote performer at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto in 2018 with his friend and collaborator Nimo (www.emptyhandsmusic.com), and has been featured on numerous cable and radio broadcasts in over 90 countries; at cultural festivals, interfaith and environmental fairs, workshops and conferences, youth rallies, 9/11 services; and as a keynote musical presenter at benefits for such organizations as Habitat For Humanity, Operation USA, Achievable and Anti-Defamation League. Daniel has also performed for various U.S. governors and mayors, and for congressmen in Washington, D.C.

Daniel has presented his spectacular music and message for nearly all of the world's major faiths, including Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Bahai, and Mormon audiences, and has worked with some of the most influential and brilliant speakers and leaders in the world --- including Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson ("A Return To Love"), Deepak Chopra ("Seven Spiritual Laws of Success"), Mark Victor Hansen ("Chicken Soup For The Soul"), Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), Yolanda King (daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.), Rhonda Britten (of NBC's "Starting Over"), and Neale Donald Walsch ("Conversations With God"). 

In response to Hurricane Katrina, Daniel visited the Houston Astrodome for two days, walking amongst the survivors talking, shaking hands and singing songs. Following late 2004's humanitarian crisis in Asia, Daniel organized, produced and hosted two soul-stirring benefit concerts, raising over $15,000 for Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based relief agency working in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. And in 2000, he was nominated as National Hospital Volunteer Of The Year for his musical work at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.


Dylan Ferris Sep 17, 2020 12:30 PM
Dylan Ferris Executive Director of Human Resources and Facilities El Segundo schools
Dylan Ferris Executive Director of Human Resources and Facilities El Segundo schools

Experienced Executive Director Human Resources with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Educational Leadership, Teaching, Public Speaking, and Curriculum Development. Strong human resources professional with an Ed.D. focused in Education Leadership & Policy from UCLA. 

Sean Story Sep 24, 2020 12:30 PM
Cyber Security
Cyber Security

IT and Cybersecurity Expert Sean Story helps hundreds of businesses and families every year with their technology. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Sean’s technology skills began developing at a young age. He relocated to Playa del Rey, California where he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. For over ten years, clients have trusted Sean Story with all of their information technology needs ranging from computer setups to fast WiFi, easy to understand user training, robust cybersecurity, internet privacy, VOIP communication systems, custom website development, business IT plan formation, digital footprint removal, computer maintenance, and support. When he is not meeting with his valued clients or behind his keyboard, Sean enjoys long walks in nature and listening to podcasts or music.