The Meeting

Visitors and Fining and Announcements

Tom opened the meeting by introducing our guests from Japan.  There was an exchange of Banners in the front as the SUPREME COMMANDER   and his counterpart from Japan 最高司令官 of Japanese Rotary.  I believe he called Tom an お尻の穴.   Tom smiled.  The two Commander’s went on and on and on and gushed with and at each other …smiling, and  speaking different languages… yet they became ONE,  neither knowing what the other said. That sometimes happens at Tom’s meetings, but we love him for it.  Tom received a gift (as is custom from some far lands) and then realizing he had to bestow a gift upon our visitor fished in his pocket for a gift to give in return.   He found some gum, some loose change, and a blue butterfly pin.  Tom wanted the gum and figured they had gum in Japan, needed the change for a cigar after the meeting, so the coveted Blue Butterfly Pin flew out of his hands into the hands of our visitor.  Tom told a story of the “Papillion du Bleu” and how he single handedly saved if from extinction for the world, and our guest liked it, or he looked like he did. 

We had visitors from the Radison hotel and there were a few others but I didn’t catch their name.  I was still smitten with the Butterfly Pin.

Ed Su brought his daughter Sidney who sold 926 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  I ate almost that many and was glad I could help her with that record.  It is so nice to see Ed come to so many meetings.  His presence in the room brings good energy.  (I mean that Ed)

Joe did some fining.  Of course he did, that’s what he does.    He  got Shiela again.  He fined Debbie for traveling the world who went to the Galapagos where her husband who saved a Sea Turtle.   Circle of life kind of thing.  Did they attend a Rotary Meeting in the Gallapagos?  I don’t think so.  They are going to Portugal next.  That lady moves.  I think she also mentioned China.  Mary and I are thinking of going to Downey.

Eng and her husband (Pope Francis)  were there and Joe runs into him at various locations around town and Francis wants him to Kiss his ring.  It could be worse.  Joe fined the Pope.  This Pope wouldn’t wash Joes’ feet.

Tom got fined for running and “finishing” the Run for Education.  Nice job Tom.

Melissa had the Joke of the Day.  Another  Very Good Joke.  I see a second career for you.

Debbie got a Birthday Card, and it was Michelle’s birthday, that day.  She received a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” from the crowd.  She did not appreciate the singing and I took a little ill myself.

Robin got her Blue Card.  Robin owns the Mailbox in El Segundo and we will be looking forward to her Craft Talk sometime in the future.  That’s where Tom and I get our “special” magazines.

Sammy continues to work on Community Wellness Day in his tireless and up beat manner and keeps bring us checks.  Go Sammy go.

Speaker (Zeb Barnes)

Elyse introduced our speaker who was a very handsome young man who has started his own business; which is to deliver Pet products to homes so that Seniors (who can’t handle the big bags of food for their dogs)  did not have to go out to the store and lug them home.  He personally delivers Pet Products and carries the bags and other items into the homes and make friends with the Pets, along with the homeowner.  He brings treats.  He’s a Candy man.

Elyse says she met him because he also is a UPS driver and delivers packages to her office.  My guess is he also delivers Pet Products to her home.  She doesn’t have any Pet’s at home, but hey, he is a good looking guy and I think she bought a gold fish and he delivers the food, right to her door….early…in the morning…the fish gets  hungry very early.  He brings treats.  Well, enough of that.

This was a very sharp you guy with ambition.  He has a “quiet and organized and methodical” drive to be an “Entrepreneur” .  (Tom is looking this up now, he thinks it is French, I have him confused now with the different languages in the Bulletins).  Many of us in that room can relate to that drive.  It is not always fun being an “Entrepreneur” , and you can miss some paychecks along the way;  but you are your own boss and you can come and go as you please.  That usually means you are the first person in and the last to leave because you have to make the coffee in the morning and clean the restrooms before you go home, but hey, you are an entrepreneur.  It’s like the guy that cleans up after the Elephants in a parade and his friends tell him he should get a better job and he says, “What, and get out of Show Biz, no way”.  I am an Entrepreneur and the last regular pay check I had was in 1969.  My Salary was $550 per month and I had an apartment overlooking Lake Michigan, drank good scotch, and a gallon of gas was 25 Cents.   Oh well, times change.

I am sure Zeb will find a way to make it, and some day big.  He said all the right things in a very humble (but confident) way.  He listens to motivational tapes when he is driving.  He answered questions thoughtfully and with good cheer.  He was a winner and thanks Elyse for “finding” him.

Good Friday Breakfast

I know this is not an “official” Rotary Event, but it should be.  It has Rotary written all over it from the Past Mayors to the MC.  I was so proud to be a Rotarian at this event and I know all of us felt the same.  Joe Harding was the MC, The Maestro, the Ring Master, and (dare I say it) The Supreme Commander (at least at this meeting). 

Melissa Sang, Len Pledged, the Speaker (Olympian Peter Vidmar Gold and Silver Medalist at the 1984 Olympics) was related to the Briney’s 

When Joe wasn’t making the crowd laugh or cry, Marsha took over with her quick wit and performed for the crowd which featured….”her Mom from Indiana”.  There is nothing like a “Mom from Indiana”  to make Marsha happy, and she was.  Everything was flawless.   Marsha you are funny and quick and a natural in front of a crowd.  You and Joe make a great team.

The Singers from the High School were pitch perfect and guess what…Toms Daughter was one of those chosen to perform.  I sat next to Tom and asked him if his household was like the Von Trapp Family from the Sound of Music.  Did he wear a pair of Lederhosen and a little Swiss cap around the house --  especially when he was feeling frisky.

He grinned and was real proud of his daughter.  When Tom gets emotional, he gets quiet.  (We should get him emotional more often).   He looked at his daughter, grinned, and life was good.  They Choir sang and no one spoke a word.  My wife was filled with Easter joy.  I know it.  It carried throughout the day and into the evening and Easter Sunday.  It was a great begging of a Good Day:  A Good Friday Day.  Thank you Rotary.

Peter Vidmar was exceptional.  He made us all realize what it takes to be a Champion.  You can never give up or give in.  No matter how tough things are…you go on.  The striving for excellence is a great elixir…and worth it.  He humanized his Journey to the top with some great personal stories.   He scored a couple of perfect 10’s at the Olympics, and scored a 10 with us.

Joe engineered his way through humor, emotion, sadness, repartee, jokes that worked, and jokes that didn’t.  He was confident, yet humble.  This was Joe’s finest hour

At the end of the event Joe told us of the Sale of The Hacienda, the home of Rotary Meetings long before some members were born.  This has been the Sanctuary of us for a long time.  This Breakfast has become an El Segundo Tradition with few rivals honoring our past Mayors (Floyd, Dick, and Sandy) and a nice uplifting and peaceful beginning of the Easter weekend.

Joe ended with one of his Favorite Poems and Poets.  (I didn’t catch the name but as you read this Joe please remember to send me his name and the name of the Poem, it was pretty neat). 

Poems confuse me some times.  You get beyond some of my Favorites from Dr. Seuss and I get a little lost.  I asked Tom who his favorite poet was and he mentioned Willie Nelson and a few Limerick types that you say in a bar when you have had a few too many drinks and the girls get up and leave the table.  But, Joe judged the group right and read his poem.  It was great.  I think it had to do with building a bridge “after” you cross over the river to help those that may come after you.  It was the perfect end to a perfect 90 minutes and Joe, you get a 10.  Thank you for letting me be a part.