The Meeting

Not sure why there was a full house for Tom, (who likes to be known as the Supreme Commander (SC).  I wonder if that title is higher than “Queen” which another member likes to refer to herself as.  We will see as the year unfolds who has the greater “presence”.  Tom could be higher than the Queen.

I had missed the first meeting so I had not seen Tom as President (or Supreme Commander (SC)) before.  I always get there early and shortly upon arrival so did Tom (SC).  He surveyed the room and became one with it.    He looked for someone to play the role of “Mystery Rotarian”, and he chose Jack, another early arriver.  Jack fulfilled his duty by not extending his hand to those who came in and I am sure he had “caught” quite a few to help fill our treasury, but Tom forgot to call upon him.  Running a meeting is complex with lots of people wanting attention, the mind racing at all times to ensure things are lively, but tended to.  He didn’t tend to the Mystery Rotarian.  I don’t think that has ever happened before.  Kevin (a member of the District Governors officer corp) could not be there because of surgery so he did not mark this down as a district infraction, and God knows I won’t tell him.  The District keeps track of these things like losing your gavel, the bell, etc.

We had a few visitors.  Tom had invited one of our new City Council electees by the name of Dave Atkinson.  He asked "moi" to chaperone him through the meeting.  Tom thought he might make a good new member.  It has been a while since we had a council person as a member and I had a real nice chat with him.  He is a nice guy with strong opinions about the City and some of the things he wishes to accomplish.  He perhaps might want to become a member, but thought it was too premature for him to start considering these types of things.

Tom presented a few checks to local causes.  One to Shawn Green from the Teen Center and another to Carol Priztuk and Jayne Pimlott of the Ed Foundation.


Program:  West Basin Municipal Water District

I didn’t write down her name, but the presenter from the Water District was charming.  She had a nice combination of confidence and humility.   Oh, and she was good lookin too. That is always a nice combo for me.  That water district amazes me every time I see these presentations.  I think it would be fun to go over and have a tour of the facility which I understand is available almost every day.  I took her picture and Elyse, seeing an opportunity to be in front of a camera, hopped in to tear tickets.

I guess the recycled water is totally safe for drinking if you are so inclined.  I think I would take a pass on that for now, but perhaps in time it would be necessary and it is nice to see the technology has come so far.  If I went there with the Supreme Commander (SC) I would expect him to display his leadership skills by throwing down a pint before asking any of his minions to do the same thing.


Chamber Mixer

Going to a Chamber Mixer is like going to a large Rotary Meeting.  Most Rotarians are members of the chamber and never pass up an opportunity to "mix" when there is good food and wine.  This one at Chevron Park is the Best.  Chevron goes all out with the food and hospitality.  Marsha and Lily call out the winners of the Raffle prizes and engage in lively banter with the crowd.  Tom and Ed Su were there and we chatted and I took the picture below.

Do any of you see anything “funny” about the picture below.