Rotary Meeting of July 25th, 2013

The POTESRC (President of the El Segundo Rotary Club) Loses His Gavel

By Jack Weber, Cub Reporter

The Meeting

Embarrassed by the untimely failure of his iiPhone to record the meeting of July 18th, Editor Gary Wilson wrote backstage stuff regarding the demotion skit for the Supreme Commander. Well, Gary confided in me that his short term memory is failing and he could remember nothing without the recording. Well, that excuse works, but then he was not able to be on the job for the 25th – he says that he had something else to do. Gary writes wonderful, amusing columns which we shall miss, unless he gets the iPhone fixed.

The President spooned the bell to call the meeting to order. Hard to believe, but he has already lost his gavel and has been relegated to using a spoon. He tried to blame a lot of people but became increasingly agitated when no one came forward to admit responsibility. The email system was clogged with theories about how POTESRC lost his gavel. I heard that Barrister David Reimann is being nominated for a judgeship and wanted the gavel to maintain order in his courtroom. Honestly, I don’t think that will work any better than it did for POTESRC who lost control in his first meeting despite having the gavel way back then (the beginning of July).

Ted – can we get a plain gavel from a stationery store? It should work better than a spoon.

Visitor from Rotary Club of Oakland #3:

We had a visitor from Rotary Club of Oakland #3, Able Guideon. He gave me a short history of his club and I was surprised to find that it is the third oldest Rotary Club in the world. It currently has about 300 members. Wow. That seems really big to me – Joe Harding would have to open one of the ballrooms if we had that many. Curious about the Rotary Club of Oakland #3, I Binged them (a newer Google) and found that their Charter had been revoked in 1978 by RI. The reason was that they had admitted WOMEN to the club to bolster sagging attendance. Guess it worked. Hey, was Elyse a member there? It seems to have the fingerprints of an Elyse revolution! The charter has, of course been reinstated.


Fines and Jokes:

Joe had some very funny fines -

He had a beautiful picture of Shannon’s stained glass window. It could pass for a Church’s stained glass window – it was that beautiful.

He had a beautiful picture of Shannon’s stained glass window. It could pass for a Church’s stained glass window – it was that beautiful.

He fined Sandy for her Growfiti – a yarn bomb at the Long Beach Pier. Shocking that Sandy of all people would do such a thing.


There were several engineering jokes. Bad. I could not understand them…. But then – thanks Tom you did not have to hurt my feelings.

Elyse told a Google joke. It was as funny as the “knock-knock” joke told by defense counsel recently at George Zimmerman’s trial.

Made my jokes look really, really good. I will ask the POTESRC to line me up for a few sessions of joke telling.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Literacy Breakfast at Lawry’s on August 9th, 2013.

    This is an annual event – I do not have all of the details but will get them posted. FYI, Adam Gerard is our speaker on August 1
    st. His Dad is Treasurer/comptroller for Lawry’s. I have known Adam for at least 5 or 6 years. He is a very impressive young man and I am certain he will do a fabulous presentation. Don’t miss it.

  2. October 6th, 2013.

    The District picnic and cardboard boat race. I understand we are not going to have a boat this year.

Julie Stolnack reported that Jack White, Phil’s brother, is coming out at a future date to spread Phil’s ashes at some of Phil’s favorite golfing spots. She also reported the sad news that Phil’s other brother has passed away.

Speaker and Presentation:

Jeff Carson who is the director of Broadway in the Park talked to us about this year’s selection which is the Wizard of Oz. Broadway in the Park is performed at Recreation Park in El Segundo. The show is done by a mixture of professional and amateur actors. This year it is a live musical. A number of young children are participating and Jeff reports that they are outstanding, enthusiastic as well as entertaining. Over 6,000 people have attended since 2009. It is an outreach program to kids and families that showcases local charities such as the ES Concert Band, the ES HS Drama Program, etc. This year they also have a ticket scholarship program offered to families through CASE, Richstone and others.

Broadway In The Park’s presentation of The Wizard of Oz will take place August 8-11, 2013. Gates open at 6:00pm nightly, Pre-Show at 7:00pm and Feature Presentation at 7:30pm.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted in Recreation Park.

For more details see Broadway in the Park’s website:

Thanks and appreciation to Mike Bell for the raffle prizes.