Contact: Frank Glynn
El Segundo
United States of America

Welcome to Quote Quest 90245 ! The event is jointly organized by two of the premier service clubs in town - the El Segundo Rotary Club and the El Segundo Kiwanis Club with help from El Segundo High School’s Interact and Key Clubs.  

Along the lines of the many community events that occur in El Segundo each year such as Candy Cane  Lane, Movie In The Park, Home Town Fair, 4th of July Fireworks and the El Segundo Art Walk, Quote Quest 90245 will promote community spirit while promoting awareness of the beauty and richness of  literature.  

The event will run for 6 weeks starting in mid-August. It will feature 200 unique passages from well known works of literature with authors ranging from Dr Seuss to William Shakespeare. The passages will  be printed on colorful lawn signs and placed in front of residences all over town. The works of literature  are chosen carefully to inspire imagination, curiosity and well-being.  

Funds raised by Quote Quest 90245 will be distributed by the two service clubs to support our El  Segundo Schools through the El Segundo Education Foundation and also to purchase books for the  school library in our neighboring city, Lawndale. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, Chevron  and Bill Ruane, for underwriting the initial expenses of the project.  

Don't miss this opportunity to participate in Quote Quest 90245 by becoming a Patron through sponsoring a sign for a suggested donation of $50 and agreeing to have the sign in your front yard for the 6 weeks of the event.  As you will be a Patron of the project your suggestion of a selected passage will be considered for  inclusion.  

We will be conducting some informal games of literary discovery once all the signs are in place. Details  will be sent out via email and social media with fun prizes for the winners. We will also have an  announcement in the El Segundo Herald listing all our supporters and Patrons.  

We hope you share my  excitement for Quote Quest 90245 and will join in with your neighbors and friends on this fun project.  To participate or for more information, please email with:  

 Your Name  

 Street Address (must be suitable for a lawn sign)  

 Email address and contact phone number  


We look forward to hearing back from you so that we can save you a place as an event Patron! 

“The best way to cheer yourself up, is to cheer somebody else up” Mark Twain